Working in the margin? Collaborative spaces as nodes of a new mobility system outside metropolis

CES 22: Mobilité et systèmes urbains durables. PRC.  Budget: 258 k€.


In recent years, we have observed the emergence of new workspaces located away from large urban centres. These places of sociability are a response to the new aspirations of a population wanting to evolve at the margin, geographically speaking (away from the urban centres) as well as socially (seeking a new balance between professional and family life). Bringing together a multidisciplinary team of researchers, this international project proposes to study the role that these “new peripheral centralities” play for the workers, by specifying the impacts on the concerned territories in terms of mobility. This research deepens and redirects a project which is nearing completion (INTIMIDE).

Membres de TVES: Christine Liefooghe (co-coord task 5), Marc Dumont, member task, Flavie Ferchaud